Galleons Lap

A barn in disrepair was lovingly and painstakingly taken apart piece by piece, labeled, cleaned and moved. A new foundation and a new structure of floating steel and polished concrete set as the new home for the 150 year old hand hewn barn frame. The barn was re-made with external superstructure made of balloon framing designed for high lateral wind loads and SIPs locked for continuous high insulated roof structure. The interior was carefully crafted of locally quarried blue stone, sustainably forested trees milled less than 5 miles away from the home site. Soaring ceilings and big views frame this grand modern barn home and the cascading hills and farm lands that surround it.

"Jeff designed and built our dream house, which we didn't realize until he conceived it with us! Nearly 10 years later, we still consider the home to be our "happy place," one which constantly brings us joy and peace. Somehow, Jeff navigated our design disagreements with calm elegance, always getting us to a place of mutual happiness in his flexible and patient manner. When we decided we wanted to "buy American," Jeff took on the challenge enthusiastically. Jeff has excellent taste, and is always considerate of the environment, of the locale and of the aesthetic. We are thrilled to call Jeff a good friend, a rare feat given the usual builder-client relationship." - Jamie B.