Brooklyn Heights Co-op • Full Renovation

This luxury renovation for a 3 bedroom 2 bath co-op was completed in four months. Meticulous planning with an all out blitz allowed us to bring new life into this pre-war building in the smallest of construction time frames. Restructuring the deciding walls between dining room and kitchen created a brighter more open social space. Working with classic color themes of charcoal, platinum, and bright cream, the modern elements compliment the original interiors perfectly.

“Jeffrey was patient and methodical in making sure we both understood each other and that the objectives and goals of the project were clear. He consulted me along the way on all decisions big and small and the base project was completed on time and on budget (and we had a tight 3-month schedule for completion!). He and his team were super attentive, responsive, and conscientious.” - Alison Besunder