Bainbridge Renovation and Roof Deck Addition

This townhouse has lived many lives as a home and a store and a home again. The renovation was led by goals of re-appropriating spaces while reinventing what the flow of home life could be. This is highlighted by a third floor master suite with the bedroom being set in within the entire footprint of the home. This creates a ring of supporting spaces such as writers studio, reading nook, closets and bathroom while the interior bedroom space has the functionality of closing down to nest, or, opening up to bring in light and merge with the rear roof deck addition.

"Jeffrey McMahon is imaginative, honest, hardworking, and capable of solving complex design and engineering problems. His approach is straightforward and his staff is professional and caring. I've worked with this company on several occasions: he has transformed my house, listened carefully to what I wanted, and brought in skilled craftspeople to get it done." - NR Popkin